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Barton Fink draws influences from various musical backgrounds and puts it together in a new, crazy and electrifying way. It's members are a mixture of cool jazz cats, aggressive punks and motown soul-brothers. The songs are sometimes soulful like Gnarls Barkley, aggressive like Justice, rock like Radiohead or snap and pop like Outkast.

At the control center are the brothers - Vagan and Charly Aden. Both were born in Russia and lived there for a decade. Growing up in the midst of british and american rock (Oasis and Lenny Kravitz), hip-hop (Big Punisher) and electronic music (Prodigy), the Aden brothers were making music from a very early age. Vagan (age 14) and Charly (age 10) had a gangster rap duo called The Aden Brothus.

Barton Fink was formed with a mission to destroy musical cliches and create something new and outrageous. The live shows are cathartic and intimidating. It's not a night to bring your first date to. It's in your face and the boys never play it safe by being loud, mean and most of all - very imaginitive and groovy.

The first album "Gear" was recorded at the Troublemakers studio with Cristobal Tapia de Veer in the control room (Beast, Plaster, One Ton...). The album features a remix of one of the songs by Marc Bell with Malicious rapping on one verse. It is now being hyped and promoted for March 2011.

Dicey Street Blues by Barton Fink

Hey, what's the deal that's nutty
You never see me caving in nobody
You know it's true…

There's a girl, she's not coming the money
Too close now that is not funny
When she comes for you…

Eyes closed, I jump in the fireI
Look back – devil's got my desire
Eyes shinning bright, sparkle in the night

So, don't stay in my way, and no matter where you'll be the next day.
You are the world of endless joy.

Don't stop nobody
Like a lesson in my life
Don't stop nobody
Cause I got you on my mind

It will be hard to
Learn a lesson in my life
It will be hard to leeaarrn…

The stress is all gone, I'm roamingEver since I stopped the falling
It starts again…

Another one will open up gladly
Shit just won't stop happening
I should be ware…

This time, I can't take it.
Next time, I won't make it.
You are the sun…

So, don't stay in my way, and no matter where you'll be the next day.
This is a world of endless joy.

Nobody else gets my message, nobody else like you.
Nobody else gets my message, nobody else…

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